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GREG GUTFELD: Who knows, maybe they’ll do the idiotic thing and keep Joe in

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So, the last couple of weeks have been a joy watching a hoax implode before our country’s eyes. It’s hilarious, but hardly unbelievable. And some might say our response has been mean, but that’s like a victim of a crime being called cruel for expressing satisfaction over justice being served. 

The really cruel ones are those dragging a demented, frail man around the world for power, and the only thing that will stop them is if Biden drops dead. Does a party and a leader deserve sympathy when they’ve been lying and insulting us for four years, all to cover up an incapacitated man? No way. I’m like an elephant, I don’t forget, and I use my tail to swat away mosquitoes. And yet, it’s the critics who are at fault. 

JOY REID: They seem laser focused on Biden’s age and acuity, with no headlines on the fact that Donald Trump has been showing serious signs of cognitive decline for years.

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: The grotesque behavioral overreaction by the White House press corps today was on display on video. 

JOY BEHAR: I’m a little tired of all the Biden bashing that’s going on. I’m pissed off at it, frankly.

Uh oh, Joy’s pissed. You know what that means for people who work at ‘The View’? Do not wear red. She might charge. But if only they felt that way when Trump was in the crosshairs, they had no problem saying Russian hookers peed on him. It’s not fair to him or the Russian hookers. But now Joe’s infirmity is confirmed. The brain-dead cat is out of the bag, and they want to blame us for warning them ahead of time when the cat was still in the bag or the basement. But now the media is backtracking. Is it because Joe Biden has somehow convinced them he’s A-OK? No. 

He’s convinced them that this is a murder suicide situation and the Dems are the hostage negotiators backing off, talking nice, hoping that the guy doesn’t take everyone with them. At some point, though, they’re going to act like this is just another story. But it’s not. This story can’t just go away and it’s their fault. So they’ll have to force it off the screen, which means another hoax will appear. A foreign policy thread, a story about Trump’s finances or sex life. Maybe aliens will invade. Not illegals, but space. Tip to space aliens– stay away from Texas or Florida– they’ll bus you to Chicago. And they’ll eat you alive. Who knows?

Who knows? Maybe Taylor Swift will dump Travis Kelce for a real athlete. But like Chris Christie’s stretch pants, these things have a way of becoming uncontrollable. It’s obvious that, like Joe’s bowels, the media has lost control. So this is where you come in. You got to watch out for the media’s fake off ramps created to distract or change narratives. They’re like a dangerous, cornered animal. Like when I found Kat rooting through the trash at Panda Express. Remember what you’re dealing with is something cunning and remorseless. Democrats. 

If you think Trump can win, remember two things: one, the red wave, which shows how Republicans could easily *****up a sure thing. But also, Republicans see politics as a part-time job. Democrats live and breathe politics. For Dems, it’s the only job they have. So they’re already scheming, and they rely on one sentence to justify all the dirty tricks. But Trump is a monster. It’s the singular reason that justifies the hoaxes, the lawfare, changes in voting, and so on. But that fell apart with Biden. If, in fact, Trump is an existential threat, why run a guy who’s being held together by compression socks and Polident? That question, it needs to be asked again and again. Then there’s this question.

PETER DOOCY: He also said he’s sharpest before 8 p.m. So, say that the Pentagon at some point picks up an incoming nuke. It’s 11 p.m. Who do you call? The first lady?

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: He has a team that lets them know of any news that is pertinent and important to the American people. He has someone, or that is decided, obviously, with his National Security Council. And who gets to tell him that news.

This is no gotcha question. It’s the only question when a president is no longer capable, then who’s doing the job? Especially when there’s a terror attack, a Cuban missile crisis, or the ice cream machines go down again at McDonald’s. If it’s not Biden, then it’s not legal. And what of Trump? Well, he can do something else. Meet with the victims of hoaxes. Have a conversation with four Democrats who still believe in the fine people hoax, drinking bleach hoax, whatever. Roll the clips unedited to see them in context. 

Let them pull on his face to learn it’s not Hitler wearing a Trump mask. Think of it as deprogramming. In person, Trump’s funny, sharp and charming. He could talk a G-string off Larry Kudlow. That’s hard to do. And unlike Joe, he remembers names, doesn’t drool, and won’t send his wife in to save him. The result? The hoax victims realized the monster they hated so much paid them much more respect than the party ever did to them. And that’s something that Dems don’t want America to see even more than a President Trump. 

And another way to help? Kick back, just kick back. Let the hoax machine eat itself. Who knows, maybe they’ll do the idiotic thing and keep Joe in. They’ll say even if the president’s incapacitated, there’s always his team that lied for years that he’s incapacitated. So you’re in good hands with Captain Hook.

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