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LAURA INGRAHAM: This murder wouldn’t have happened if Dems had put the safety of the American people first

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham discusses the murder of Augusta University student Laken Riley on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: This is the America and the carnage left in America after Biden directed Mayorkas to resume catch and release at the border. Now, the murder of a hardworking young American would not have happened if liberal Democrats had put the safety of the American people first. Of course, Democrats claim to be champions, though don’t they of women, especially working women? 


But those were just words. Because when push came to shove, their interest in bringing in cheap labor for their donors and new voters for their party trumps the well-being of girls and women already here. Now, including the innocent child who was allegedly attacked by this man, Renzo Mendoza Montes, another Venezuelan illegal who got a free ticket into the country under Biden’s border rules. Local media is just reporting that after crossing into El Paso, Texas, in September of 2023, Montes was released into the United States-again catch and release-, and was just arrested in Campbell County, Virginia, on two felony counts for the sexual assault of a minor. This is heartbreaking. It is infuriating. These savages made their way here because they knew they’d be able to stay. And by the way, they’d get free stuff on top of it. And they get wide access, don’t they? To the victims of their choice of all ages and all backgrounds. Targets galore. Sadly, there are thousands of victims of illegal alien crime who are forgotten. 

Again, these are crimes that would not have happened if we had a president who cared about America first. Think about the tens of thousands of girls and women across the country who are now afraid of going jogging or even working late, having to park in a garage underneath your building out of fear because they know our government refuses to protect them. This open border policy is the Biden policy. Why do you think Biden’s getting so much money from big business? It’s certainly not because they want to raise wages and help the working class, please. 

They want a never-ending flow of cheap labor entering the United States, with the added bonus of demographically changing the country. And you get no say over this. And do not ever believe for a second that Biden was ever serious about a bipartisan enforcement solution at the border, despite these lame lines.

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