SEAN HANNITY: Harvard’s president gets a ‘free pass’

Fox News host Sean Hannity reacts to Harvard’s decision to give Claudine Gay a “free pass” after her “abhorrent” congressional testimony on antisemitism on the prestigious school’s campus. 

SEAN HANNITY: The president of Harvard is now getting a free pass. Claudine Gay just received what is a unanimous vote of confidence by the university’s governing board after this abhorrent testimony about genocide and virulent anti-Semitism now festering all over her campus… She said it would depend on whether actions were associated with it. Now Claudine Gay knows the context. A global intfada is a demand for violence against Jews, the elimination of Israel and when protesters hold signs that read ‘by any means necessary,’ they are praising what are the barbaric terrorist attacks on October the 7th and calling for more of the same. Now, the entire student body at Harvard, they have been harassed by radical Hamas sympathizers ever since October the 7th in that terror attack. But Claudine Gay, didn’t seem to care.


Anyway, Gay told the Harvard Crimson that she, quote, got caught up in what had become at that point an extended combative exchange about policies and procedures. Not really. According to Gay, Harvard takes free speech and free expression very seriously. But in reality, in truth, well, she’s wrong, because this year, Harvard was named the worst school when it comes to freedom of speech in America by scoring a whopping 0.0 in a study by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression. 

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