JESSE WATTERS: American institutions are tearing themselves down

Jesse Watters discusses how American institutions that were once revered are now crumbling on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”


JESSE WATTERS: When I was a little boy growing up, I held American institutions in very high esteem. I thought the FBI were the good guys. I thought the Boy Scouts were a wholesome organization. I thought the Catholic Church was pristine. 

But as I entered adulthood, year after year, it began to dawn on me that nothing is sacred anymore. The people and the places I revered let me down. It doesn’t make me cynical. It makes me a realist. Now I’m not out to tear down American institutions. That’s the last thing I want. These institutions are tearing themselves down. Hollywood turned out to be not so glamorous. 

The Secret Service – I respect the guys, but the leadership, not anymore. Don’t even get me started on the NFL. But one of the places you aspire to be admitted into as a young American is Harvard University, the pinnacle of the Ivy League? Surreal. I always assumed that it took the finest academic pedigree to be employed there. You had to have the most diligent scholarship, the best and the brightest, they said.

Now, you always knew Harvard was a little liberal, as most universities are. That’s baked into the cake. But if the students were sharp, the professors must be brilliant. And then Harvard hired Bill de Blasio. And then Harvard hired Brian Stelter. And then Harvard hired Lori Lightfoot. It became a rehab clinic for failed progressives.

Surely the president of Harvard University has to be the most highly accredited individual in higher ed. Once again, I was disappointed.

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