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SEAN HANNITY: Biden is a ‘pathetic’ excuse for a president

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FOX News host Sean Hannity explained why President Biden makes the world “less and less peaceful” on Monday night, calling him the weakest president he’s seen in his lifetime. 


SEAN HANNITY: Here’s the truth. The evil, ignorant terrorists of Hamas, they hate Israel. They’ve hated Jews. They want to wipe Israel off the map. Period. End of sentence. They stated it is in their charter. That’s what they say. That’s what they have demonstrated. And because Joe Biden freed up $50 billion for the mullahs in Iran who back Hamas and all these other terror groups financially and also militarily, the terrorists had plenty of resources to carry out this massive attack. 

America and the world is less and less peaceful with Biden in charge. As former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Gates famously warned, Biden always seems to make the wrong foreign policy decisions he has throughout his career. And now, amid rampant anti-Semitism, Biden is reportedly now apologizing to Muslim American leaders for questioning death toll numbers provided by the terror group Hamas. Oh, that is about as weak and pathetic excuse for an American president as I’ve seen in my lifetime. And a guy constantly getting bullied at home and abroad and seems to do nothing about it, for example. 

Look at the Middle East today. American soldiers, they have been attacked a whopping 73 times since October the 17th, with little response from the administration outside of a few targeted strikes at empty warehouses in remote locations. Meanwhile, just a few days after meeting with Biden in California, now China’s dictator, President Xi, once again, he’s ramping up hostilities in the South China Sea, threatening a US warship in international waters and then demanding that the U.S. apologize. So what’s Biden going to do about that? Nothing. No words, no actions, just doddering along, hoping for the best. And as a result, the world is a more dangerous place.

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