Fetterman leaves far-left activists fuming over his pro-Israel stance: ‘Shocked by the level of disdain’

Far-left activists have found a new cause to protest on social media and in the streets: Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman.

Some activists are starting to criticize Fetterman’s “trollish style,” especially on the Israel-Hamas war, per a Politico article from Wednesday. Fetterman, a progressive Democrat, has come out in public support of Israel after the Oct. 7 surprise terrorist attacks on Israeli, American and other civilians by Hamas. 

It is a stance that has angered the left-wing of the Democratic Party. Fetterman has left far-left figures bitterly disappointed as he has been one of Israel’s strongest proponents during the war, putting up pictures of Hamas hostages outside his Senate office and criticizing the country’s foes.

His supporters said Fetterman has always been pro-Israel and has never been easy to ideologically pin down. Pennsylvania has one of the country’s highest Jewish populations and Politico reported he has been affected by communities back home reacting to the horrific Hamas attack.


Beth Miller, political director of the far-left group Jewish Voice for Peace Action, told Politico, “I am still a bit shocked by the level of disdain that he has been giving to a growing anti-war movement.” Former aides to Fetterman wrote his stance on Israel was a “gutting betrayal.”

“I honestly felt frustrated,” Matt Howard, board member of an anti-war veterans group, told Politico after Fetterman mocked the group for being arrested at the Capitol. “If he disagreed with them, that’s one thing. It didn’t totally make sense to me that he would resort to mocking folks.”

Brittany DeBarros, another member of the anti-war group, said “Fetterman smirked and waved sarcastically at her during the arrests.” 

“Earlier in the day, she had prodded him on camera over his refusal to back a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas (to which he told her to go protest Hamas),” according to Politico. “She disputed the idea that activists verbally attacked him first.”

Boos and shouts of “Shame!” were thrown at Fetterman as he exited the building, waving the Israeli flag while passing progressive protesters from the veterans group About Face calling for a cease-fire amid Israel’s war against the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.


Several protesters were in the process of being arrested outside the Russell Senate Office Building as Fetterman walked by, while others — including one wearing a keffiyeh, a symbol of Palestinian nationalism — shouted at the senator from behind police tape.

One protester was heard at the end of the video shouting that Fetterman was “doing a disservice to Pennsylvania.”

“Jacka– [Fetterman] saw veterans getting arrested and laughed,” tweeted About Face, the same group that called for the National Guard to “stand down” to Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.

“We asked to see [Senator Kirsten Gillibrand],” About Face continued. “We were put in cuffs.”

One volunteer for the far-left anti-Israel group IfNotNow suggested Fetterman had been bought off with his stance by the pro-Israel PAC Democratic Majority for Israel and others.

“He took a good amount of money from DMFI,” the volunteer said. “Those are all organizations that are opposing a political solution right now, and I think that speaks volumes.”

Fetterman’s office did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

Fox News’ Houston Keene contributed to this report.

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