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Barry Williams, Danica McKellar share their plans for Thanksgiving: ‘I need a minute to reset’

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Celebrities are looking forward to the holiday season.

When speaking with Fox News Digital, celebrities like Dustin Lynch, Danica McKellar and Barry Williams shared how they will be spending their Thanksgiving holiday this year.

“Holiday plans are to slow down a little bit,” Lynch explained. “I’ve said yes to a lot of really great opportunities. I’m finishing the year up from here on out helping out a lot of charities. We got a couple of handfuls of events I’m playing for charities, which is great. The days I have off and at home, I’m trying to box out and keep at home for my niece and nephew, get them out to the farm and really just relaxing.”

For Carly Pearce, the holiday is all about “a whole lot of yoga pants and hanging out with my parents and my dogs, Johnny and June.”

WATCH: Carly Pearce shares her plans for Thanksgiving


Former “Brady Bunch” star Christopher Knight, is looking forward to traveling to Buffalo, New York, “for the world’s largest disco.” He said he won’t be traveling there until the day after the holiday and will be “spending Thanksgiving, for the first time in a long while, in Los Angeles.”

WATCH: Barry Williams shares why he has no Thanksgiving plans this year

Knight’s former co-star, Barry Williams, said he doesn’t have specific plans for Thanksgiving because he thought he would still be competing as a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” over the holiday. He was recently eliminated from the competition after eight weeks on the show.

WATCH: Dustin Lynch is excited to spend Thanksgiving with his niece and nephew

“I do not have holiday plans for this month because I expected to be working here through the Thanksgiving Day holiday,” he told Fox News Digital, adding that he plans to take it slow for a while. “I need a minute to reset, to re-look at what’s coming, what’s going on and what’s going to happen. I will be here through the finale, so that’s in the immediate future, and I could tell you that tomorrow morning, I’m going to sleep until 10.”

Country singer Nate Smith is excited to have some time off for the holidays, telling Fox News Digital, “I get a week off for Thanksgiving, and I’m going to hang out with my girlfriend and my friends.”

Jack Osbourne didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving with his family, but he’s since grown fond of the American holiday.

WATCH: Jack Osbourne loves Thanksgiving despite not having grown up celebrating it

“Thanksgiving’s never really been like a huge thing for our family because we’re English. It’s not really a part of our tradition,” Osbourne said. “I really enjoy Thanksgiving, it’s actually my favorite holiday. I’ve always tried to have fun and make it kind of really special for the kids. With my three eldest kids, I alternate years with their mom, and so this year I have them.”


WATCH: Colbie Caillat shares her Thanksgiving plans

Singer Colbie Caillat isn’t sure what exactly she’ll be doing on the holiday, but she knows it will involve her family, “playing games, hanging with family, friends, dogs, food, you know, what we all like to do.”

Actress and model Carol Alt is also excited to spend time with her family, saying, “I love spending time with my family. My younger sister and I have the most amazing relationship” and “so any time I can spend with her and her husband and my mom, I do.”

WATCH: Carol Alt is excited to spend Thanksgiving with her sister


“My sister comes down from upstate, and we’re going to spend Thanksgiving together. Christmas is going to be a little bit more scattered,” she said. “My birthday in between will probably be celebrated this Thursday because I never got a birthday. They always kind of plugged it into Thanksgiving.”

For Danica McKellar, this will be one of her first holiday seasons living in Tennessee, and she is just enjoying experiencing the holiday season in a new environment.

WATCH: Danica McKellar is ‘excited’ to spend the holidays in Tennessee

“Going into the holidays is always exciting for me, it always has been, but living in Tennessee now is extra exciting because you can see it around you,” McKeller said. “The leaves are changing. First, you get this gorgeous show of autumn, and then pretty soon the trees become bare, and then it gets colder, and you just feel cozier.”

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