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Dolphins’ Mike McDaniel vows HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ won’t affect how he acts: ‘I’m not f—ing changing’

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Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel’s reputation is one filled with swagger, whether it is his aviator glasses while calling plays on the sideline, or delivering hilarious press conference answers on a weekly basis. 

McDaniel’s personality is one of the many reasons he is loved by all in Miami, and he is fully aware of that. 

That was why, when HBO’s “Hard Knocks” debuted on Tuesday, where behind-the-scenes access of the remaining regular-season games for the Dolphins will be aired for all to see, he reminded his squad that he will not be changing for anyone – or any camera. 


“‘Hard Knocks’ starts today, and I’m actually convinced I’m fired up about it,” McDaniel said in a team meeting to kick off the first episode. “It’s a heavy burden on a lot of people. Big paychecks in this room, it’s a burden on you. The players that are recognized around the league, it’s a burden on a day-to-day basis. But I refuse to do this job and not give you guys my authentic self. 

“I’m not going to change. I will not. We work too hard, and this is part of our journey. We’re going to have people document this whole season. Awesome. I’m not f—-ing changing, nor do you guys have to. So s—‘s going to get weird. Who cares? It is a distraction if we let it. I refuse to have our journey tainted by that s—.”


McDaniel’s Dolphins are doing exactly what people predicted this season, wreaking havoc on defenses and running up tallies in the win column. Prior to their game against the Las Vegas Raiders at home this past week, the Dolphins were 6-3 on the year despite a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Frankfurt, Germany, the week prior. 

The Dolphins are on a path to the playoffs, leading the AFC East. They would go on to defeat the Raiders, 20-13, improving to 7-3 on the year. 

“I’m excited for what needs to be told about this team,” McDaniel said. “The journey that we’ve taken together since the first day, April 17, of this season. I’m excited the world’s going to find out what we’ve built together each and every day. I f—ing love where our team’s at, I love how we’ve gotten there. I love the scars of those losses that builds what we’re trying to build on of being our very best selves at the end of this year.”

However, the journey is one that is far from over. The Dolphins want to be representing the AFC in February, playing for its first Super Bowl title since 1984. They have not won the big game since Super Bowl VIII in 1974. 

McDaniel understands that and made sure his team does, too. 

“We’ve been together 127 days, 78 practices, that you’ve been eye blacked up for. 12 games,” he said. “This team only has 47 days, 24 practices and eight games guaranteed to us. Shame on you if you don’t bring it any time we’re out there together. This s— is sacred as f—, guys. That was the journey and we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. The best part is f—ing today.”

Authentic McDaniel will certainly be must-watch television, as he and the Dolphins work their way toward the playoffs this season. 

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