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GREG GUTFELD: Any video that didn’t fit the committee’s narrative was ditched like one of Biden’s grandkids

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Happy Monday. Control yourself – put your pants back on! So let’s talk about January 6th. I know, I know. But was it really, as our mainstream media contends, 9/11 and Pearl Harbor rolled into one? Well, thanks to the new House speaker, Mike Johnson, video from inside the Capitol building was just released almost three years later, showing what many who attended the protests have been contending all along – that not only were the Capitol doors more open than Hunter’s nose on a Saturday night – but in many cases, the Capitol Police either escorted the protesters in like ushers at a wedding or stood by without objecting. Now, let’s be clear. No one’s defending the chaos on the Capitol, so spare me the “Gutfeld” supports insurrection tweets from substitute teachers in Brooklyn still traumatized by Trump b**** slapping Hillary into retirement. I may not support riots, but I do support the truth and we have the right to hear the whole story, especially when many of the protesters were veterans and average citizens who just wanted their voices heard and who’ve been prosecuted like they were Hamas. 

Actually, worse than if they were Hamas, because no one’s defending the Jan 6ers on campus. Just look at who was selected for the so-called select committee. You couldn’t get a worse roster if you combined CNN’s lineup with the cast of Saved by the Bell. Usually to get that kind of kangaroo court, you’d have to hop on a flight on Qantas. That’s an Australian airline. Yeah, there you go. What’s now clear is that any video that didn’t fit the committee’s narrative was ditched like one of Joe Biden’s grandkids. So who exactly was on this so-called bipartisan select committee? Well, on the Democrat side, well, it doesn’t matter. The faces change, but the lockstep slash goose step remains the same. One of them is House Dem Jamie Raskin, who’s already complaining about the released footage.

JAMIE RASKIN: Beyond the partisan nature of it, it’s truly a security risk, what they’re doing. The reason why the Capitol Police have opposed releasing tens of thousands of hours from every House office building, every Senate office building, every part of the Capitol, is because it’s like giving a diagram to future insurrectionists and terrorists and anybody who wants to invade our body. 

I think he’s full of s***. I wonder if he knows you could take a tour and see most of the Capitol if you want to. And most committee hearings are open to the public but the chances of the Dems giving conservative protesters and veterans a fair shake are roughly equivalent to Jesse Watters giving his hairstylist the day off. And any committee formed to uncover truth that includes Adam Schiff, it’s like making Ted Bundy the head of Visiting Angels. That would be a bad choice. The committee claimed to be bipartisan because it included Republicans Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. And I’ll admit, it was good to have women represented from the Republican side. But didn’t we need two? 



Yeah, Kinzinger cried more times during those hearings than a Kardashian at an onion eating contest. The puddles below Adam’s desk were so large the hearings should have had a lifeguard on duty. But Kinzinger got what he wanted of course, a job kissing up to Dems over at CNN where they’re used to seeing grown men cry, especially when the ratings come in. Hey Adam, maybe shoot a bit higher next time. I hear Media Matters needs a janitor. Then there’s Liz Cheney, who reportedly still has political aspirations. She just needs to bump her likability numbers up a bit. Right now, she ranks just above Jerry Sandusky and just below ISIS. So, Liz, Adam, let’s review some of the great work from you and the Biden DOJ. Here’s new video of Matthew Perna, a man who had no criminal record whatsoever walking calmly into the Capitol that day. Now, I don’t know what happened outside before, but clearly the police are not concerned or even directing the protesters to leave. Perna was initially charged with trespass, a charge he reportedly accepted. But when the Department of Justice decided to add a terrorism enhancement, it was more than he could take. 

Matthew Perna took his own life. Here’s another new video of police releasing a protester. You don’t see too many terrorists that fist bump, do you? Except for Hamas. They do that after they kill innocent children and they’re still the toast of the Ivy League. So Matthew Perna gets a terrorism enhancement, which adds years to a sentence while the Antifa thugs who destroyed a police station in Seattle, attacked a federal courthouse and shut down cities while pretending to care about the Palestinians – they aren’t even investigated. You can even attack Democratic national headquarters as long as you’re anti-Trump. Meanwhile, literally hundreds of January 6th protesters are looking at decades in jail. And it’s Trump that this select committee referred for prosecution for mean tweeting. Now, one of the first ways you know you’re on to something is when the legacy media starts to sing in unison, like the Beach Boys on autotune. 

Here are just a few headlines since the full videos came out. Notice the repetition, conspiracy theories, disinformation, and never Republican, it’s always far right. That’s how you know we’re over the target. It’s the hysteria. Because to the left these days we’re the terrorists and Hamas is the political party. Now, let me say it again so even the halfwits on The View get it. I don’t support attacking the Capitol building. I’ve seen those same three January 6th videos the committee and the mainstream media wanted us to see over and over a thousand times, and it’s cut together so well it was up for an Oscar in the category of best editing. But I’ve also seen a few other things from the same sources, like the Crossfire Hurricane conspiracy– thanks to two other CNN contributors, Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe. 

You won’t find two bigger dildos at an adult toy store. By the way, you can say dildo, it’s a medical term. And of course, there was the dismissal of the laptop from hell as Russian propaganda. And there’s the four criminal cases against Trump that wouldn’t have been brought against any other living soul or even a dead one like Nancy Pelosi. And yes, these new January 6th videos that contradict everything the select committee told us. Sadly, it’s too late for Matthew Perna, but maybe it’s not too late to recognize that some other people from the Capitol that day need to be investigated. And I’m not talking about protesters. Let’s just say a certain select group. And if the Republicans have a big day next November, it could be all over but the crying.

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