LAURA INGRAHAM: The hypocrisy from our elites is stunning

FOX News host Laura Ingraham says Chinese President Xi Jinping emerged from a dinner with top CEOs “stronger and more influential” on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: Dining with dictators. That’s the focus of tonight’s ‘Angle.’ They lined up one by one, the plutocrats who shelled out $40,000 each to meet with the autocrat who rules 1.4 billion people with an iron fist. Now, look closely at these people whose enthusiastic presence last night speaks volumes. Stanley Diehl, the CEO of Boeing, Larry Fink, the ESG guru of BlackRock, Darius Adamczyk, who is Honeywell’s CEO, Hock Tan from Broadcom and of course, the Apple CEO, uber-liberal Tim Cook. Now, the dinner guests actually leapt to their feet when the communist leader was introduced. 


The entire affair was a huge and much-needed boost for China and for Xi. They’re facing major economic problems back home after all. State television in China showcased the dinner. You can see Tim Cook if you look closely and other bigwigs there. And they were all smiles during the remarks from their dear leader.

Now the billionaires, you know, eating their appetizers and so forth but they probably felt like it was like the Oscars. Xi was the celebrity and he was thanking the Academy, but his audience back home got the real message. China came out the winner here. Xi was playing three-dimensional chess and these men in the audience were China’s captured pawns. The funny thing is, though, many of those who arrived in San Francisco in their private jets are the same ones who make pointless climate change pledges because they see themselves as cultural influencers.

Does that really get bought by anyone out there? ‘Trying to advocate for change?’ Is that what Tim Cook said? Really? How do the 2 million Uyghur Muslims in their Xi-approved internment camps advocate for change, Tim? And how much dignity and how much respect do the persecuted Christians get in China, Tim? And of course, the great irony is that BlackRock’s Larry Fink, among the worst Xi bootlickers, was the sanctimonious force, as I said, behind the idea of shaming companies under these environmental, social and governance standards, ESG standards that have plagued corporate America.

In between the appetizer and the main course did Fink press Xi about climate change in China, or the ESG scores in the state-owned companies there? Since World War II, I think this dinner with the dictator and all that’s going to follow is one of the low points of American capitalism. A communist regime that’s been endlessly belligerent toward the United States and our values and viciously repressive toward its own people emerges stronger and more influential. And as for us, what did we get? We got an unenforceable and vague pledge about fentanyl chemicals. And drum roll, please. We got some more pandas. Yeah, they promised some pandas. What a bargain. Remember, we don’t even own them. We just lease them.

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