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WWE star Montez Ford speaks glowingly of legendary Bobby Lashley, leaning on him in uncertain times

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Montez Ford and his tag-team partner, Angelo Dawkins, collectively known as the Street Profits in WWE, have partnered with Bobby Lashley in recent weeks.

For Ford, Lashley is more than just one of the leaders of The Hurt Business on “SmackDown.” He’s a two-time WWE Championship holder, two-time WWE Intercontinental champion, a four-time TNA/Impact World Heavyweight champion, an NAIA national champion and is 15-2 in MMA bouts.

The experience Lashley has is immense and Ford has gained a “wealth of knowledge” just from being around him.


“We consider him what we call an O.G. He’s seen like every transition, every wave,” Ford told Fox News Digital in a recent interview. “He’s seen WWE superstars come and go on so many different occasions. He’s seen it all, and he’s obtained such a massive amount of success.”

“And the same thing with the Street Profits, we’ve had team success. We’re Triple Crown tag-team champions, but that’s kind of been stagnant for the last few years. Bobby’s kind of like swept in and took us under his wing and pretty much just chiseled out whatever was lagging, the excess that was stopping us to flourish, and kind of just keeping us on the straight and narrow and pretty much teaching us the same ways in which he had success and instilling that within us now.”

Ford said he and Dawkins’ focus is on evolving and just aiming higher when it comes to their tag-team endeavors.

But Lashley is doing more than just providing help in the ring, he’s also been a rock for them outside the squared circle.


WWE has been through some transition over the last 18 months or so as it merged with UFC to become TKO Group Holdings. Some changes have been made because of that. Lashley has seen his fair share of changes inside WWE and elsewhere, and for Ford, that’s helpful.

“It helps out a lot,” Ford said of Lashley’s experience. “When you’re dealing with someone who’s been a part of the game and seen all the different waves, and like, you kind of see how they react, it kind of sets the tone because you don’t see them panicking, or if you don’t see him worry too much about anything, that’s just kind of what the demeanor is going to be.”

“Bobby’s kind of really been that way this whole time. Very mellow, very calculated, methodical, but that’s his pace. He’s cooking up something, as we can say. Right now, what we’re doing and our best to do is not just listen but most likely just obey because, obviously, what he’s done has led to success.”

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