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LAURA INGRAHAM: The media has ‘made it very clear’ the DOJ’s job is to prosecute Biden’s political opponents

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FOX News host Laura Ingraham sounds off on the Democratic Party and media encouraging the weaponization of the justice system in President Biden’s favor on “The Ingraham Angle.”


INGRAHAM: Trial by error, that’s the focus of tonight’s angle. And they might be asking, why is public trust in the American judicial system declining? Well, it’s not simply the BLM propaganda flooding our schools, our universities, that’s told young people that disproportionate incarceration of African-Americans equals racism. It’s not just that. Respect for our justice system is also cratering due to Democrats’ crusade, both against Trump and against traditional Americans in general. Now, for the most egregious example, look no further than Trump’s civil trial in New York, brought by Trump-hating activist Letitia James. 

Now, yesterday, Judge Arthur Engoron who looks like any random legal panelist on MSNBC, blatantly revealed his anti-Trump bias for the world to see because he went so far as to mock Trump’s phrase about the perfect phone call, even using air quotes as he said it. Now a conversation with the president, let me get this right, a conversation that the president had with Zelensky is somehow fair game for a fraud trial that deals with actions years ago. Look, I saw this, and I thought, look, nobody will be surprised by this. This guy’s a lefty going back to his days as an anti-Vietnam War protester. We all know what’s going on here. No case like this has ever been brought in New York, overvaluing assets, and they’re bringing it now only to try to break Trump financially. And we know if Trump never ran for president, they never would have targeted him. Never would have happened. That’s undeniable. And it’s prima facie evidence of the rank political vendetta at work here. 

Now, the media has made it very clear to any Democrat in the DOJ or the DA’s offices around the country that their job is to prosecute Joe Biden’s political opponents by any means necessary. They don’t want equal application of the law. That’s why there are no cries for prosecuting those pro-Hamas nut-bags who damaged White House property and historic monuments last weekend. Now, imagine if it had been conservative protesters who tried to scale the White House fence or who splattered paint on the gates. Think of the resources that would have been devoted to arresting every last suspect. Well, we already have a pretty good idea, don’t we, of how they handle protests that they don’t approve of. They do things like carry out early morning raids on the homes of elderly January 6 suspects who committed no acts of violence.

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